The Angry Birds are wingless avians and major characters of Frollo's Cousins. They each possess special yet demonic powers.

Angry Birds
Angry Birds
All Birds Together


Question mark flag???



Originally voiced by



Big Brother Bird (Red Bird's brother)
Red Bird (Big Brother Bird's brother)


Each other




Sassy, angry, cute (in some cases)

First Appearance

The Hans Frollo Olympics (Yellow Bird)
Jehan Frollo Talks About Sibling Rivalry (Red Bird and Big Brother Bird)
Herberto Frollo Meets Blanka (White Bird)
Francesco Frollo 2D Land (Blue Birds)
Chayim Frollo Goes to Church (Orange Bird; confirmed)
Domonkos Frollo Goes to Pride Rock (Pink Bird; confirmed)
Fjorg Frollo's Stupid Game (Boomerang Bird and Ice Bird; confirmed)

Latest Appearance

Francesco Frollo 2D Land


Angry Birds


Red Bird - Red, spotted

Yellow Bird - Yellow, cone-shaped

Blue Birds - Blue, small

White Bird - White, egg-shaped, big-beaked

Big Brother Bird - Red, spotted, wrinkly, giant, derpy

Black Bird - Black (not in racial terms)

Ice Bird - Light Blue, cube-shaped

Orange Bird - Orange, happy, really tiny

Boomerang Bird - Green, big-beaked

Pink Bird - Pink, cute

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Red Bird - Super Squawk

Yellow Bird - Speeding up

Blue Birds - Cloning

White Bird - Egg Bomb

Big Brother Bird - A gain in momentum

Black Bird - Exploding

Ice Bird - Freezing

Orange Bird - Inflating

Boomerang Bird - Spinning back

Pink Bird - Trapping things in bubbles


Dr. OctagonapusEdit

In The Hans Frollo Olympics, Yellow Bird and Dr. Octagonapus were shown to challenge each other at the Giza Olympics.


  • The Yellow Bird is the first of the Angry Birds to appear in Frollo's Cousins.

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